Captain Jack's

Equipment Condition Scale

I use a modified Shutterbug scale. The old Shutterbug system uses grades of exc, exc+ and then mint. I have broadened the old excellent + rating into 3 grades (exc+, exc++ and exc+++) so as for you to be better able to judge the condition as you get closer to "Mint". The percentages listed for each grade are probably not exact but I feel they're much more realistic than Shutterbug's 10% change in each grade.

The cosmetic appearance of a camera is very important to collectors. I always try to list flaws that I'd consider if I were buying the camera for myself. Examples are dents, dings, brassing, taps, corrosion, hazy optics, sticky shutters, dry helicals and oily diaphragms. I mention flaws of these types when they exist.

All cameras and lenses are completely functional unless I state otherwise. I double-check things when I'm packing your shipment. If I see something that I didn't include or omitted in the description, I will notify you via e-mail.

On occasion, I may use mixed grades on cameras such as ex++/+++ to help you to better understand the condition. This implies that the camera is excellent ++ but has attributes which are excellent +++. When I have a beautiful camera with one annoying flaw, I'll list it as - excellent +++ with a ding on the top plate.

Mint - 100% - Absolutely flawless in every respect which includes optical and mechanical condition. Impossible to tell any difference from a brand new camera.

Mint Minus - 99.9% - This is realistically the best condition a vintage camera can be. Expect one or two very light cosmetic marks - you will have to look closely to find them.

Excellent +++ - 98-99.9% - As above, but with a few more faint cosmetic marks. Unfortunately, I've often seen others advertise cameras in this condition as mint.

Excellent ++ - 95-98% - This camera normally has scattered bright marks, light paint wear and/or light wear to the leather.

Excellent + - 90-95% - This camera has fairly nice cosmetics but you can expect bright marks, moderate paint wear and/or moderate leatherette wear.

Excellent - 80-89% - Cameras in this condition will have moderately worn leatherette and/or chrome. The paint will usually have small chips and/or brassing.

Excellent Minus - 70-79% - Cameras in this category are starting to look well-used. You'll find some moderate to heavy wear on leatherette, chrome and/or painted finishes.

Everything Below Excellent Minus - I try not to handle cameras in this condition unless they're something rare or unusual. These items are usually quite ugly.