The items on this page are far to nice to sell on EBay, everything is of collector quality and from my own personal collection. Why take a chance buying from the unscrupulous EBay sharks who frequently misrepresent their wares and sell as is to unsuspecting buyers.

(If you are interested in an item and would like additional info or pictures, please let me know via e-mail. If you have any items that you would like to trade towards any of the items on this page, let me know, I might be interested)

Cameras - (Click on underlined hyperlinks to view the item)


Lenses - (Click on underlined hyperlinks to view the item)

Enna München 135mm f2.8 Auto Tele-Ennalyt Lens Head for Version 2 Sockel Mounts #4006235 lens- for the 2nd version "Sockel" system. Comes in the proper Enna plastic case. Exc++ condition. Nice lens, diaphragm opens and closes the way it should - $85

Rodenstock München 135mm f4.0 Auto Rotelar #3 762 912 lens - super rare auto Exakta lens. The auto Rodenstocks are the most difficult of all Exakta lenses to find - rarer than any of the high speed Angenieux lenses. Nice glass, snappy diaphragm and Exc+ cosmetics - the European dealers ask & GET over $1100 for these. - a bargain at $600


Accessories - (Click on underlined hyperlinks to view the item)

Ihagee Version 3 Hooded Finder with Leather Case - Exc++ condition - $20

Ihagee Version 3 Hooded Finder (no case) - same as above - $15

Ihagee Version 6 Hooded Finders - have several (box not included) - all at least Exc++ condition - $15 each

Miscellaneous Finder Screens - (my choice, when purchased with above Version 6 finder) - $10

Ihagee Exakta Body Caps - have several - all at least Exc+ condition - $30 each


I am always interested in acquiring unusual Exakta/Exa items for my collection. If you are purchasing and item and have an interesting Exakta item that you would like to trade, let me know. Perhaps we can make a deal. Please contact me via e-mail by clicking HERE.