The Canonflex RM (Chrome)  

The Canonflex RM was the last of the Canonflex models. Unlike it's predecessors, the RM had a built-in selenium cell exposure meter and a new winding lever on the rear of the camera as opposed to the bottom trigger wind on the other three model Canonflex cameras. It is the most common Canonflex version, however, finding one in mint condition with a properly working exposure meter is getting to be more of a challenge every day. AND, finding an unused one, in the original box with the 58mm f1.2 lens such as this one, might well be impossible. This one was located in New Zealand. 

Camera: Canonflex RM (Chrome)

Serial #: 157855

Introduced: April 1962

Lens: Canon 58mm f1.2 Super-Canomatic R

Serial #: 10480

Finder: Built-In Prism

Notes: Camera even still has the original JCII "Passed" sticker.

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Top View


Bottom View

  Back View   The Original RM Box  

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