Captain Jack's Wanted Exakta List

I have been an active collector of fine cameras, their lenses and accessories for most of my life. I am always interested in acquiring interesting and unusual Exakta items to add to my collection. I guarantee that you will receive a fair price and be paid promptly. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail by clicking HERE.

Current Items Needed

CAMERAS - currently seeking Exakta cameras with unusual or military markings, pre-production cameras, early Exas, and any of the cameras shown or noted on my Dream Exakta or Dream Exa pages.

LENSES - In the Exakta lenses category, seeking the following:

  • Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f2.0 Auto Flexon
  • Steinheil 55mm f1.9 Auto-D-Quinon (black)
  • Steinheil 200mm f3.5 Auto Tele-Quinar


    Any other interesting or unusual high speed optics are also wanted. (All in Exakta mount only and in collector quality condition.)

    ACCESSORIES - looking for both versions of the Ihagee small rapid rewind cranks for the Kine through Varex Exaktas.

    Thanks for looking - I hope to hear from you soon!!!